One Year Anniversary – Yay (not really) for A Year of Decline

It now takes me 20 minutes to even remember how to access my own blog. I’m too busy scouring the want ads for corporate muck to slosh around in for 8-9 hours a day.

I still haunt the places that used to yield the vintage items that people seemed to want.  Then my garage got so full that I had a major dumpster moment.  I’m about to have another one.

Etsy, you were just like a romantic relationship that started out with such happy times and degenerated when the truth came out.  I will miss you, kind of.  You were a lot of work…fun…time consuming…a gamble…but in the end, the wrong partner for me.

I’m not bitter, I just wish we’d had that great trip to Aruba before we broke up 🙂