Really People? You just want to bitch…ok, check.

46 Signatures on the petition.  46.  Wow.  So I guess you all would rather just bitch and moan about the situation instead of actually doing a little work yourself?

Alrighty, I had my moment. Lol.  We are almost 100 signatures strong. We need to double it every day. That feels like a big goal, but all we need is to spread the word and ask each person to sign, and ask that person to find a person, and on and on. I will commit to that, I’d like to hear from anyone who can support that goal.


67 thoughts on “Really People? You just want to bitch…ok, check.

  1. Hey……hold on a moment. What you are doing is WONDERFUL!!!

    It’s bringing the deep dark nasty naughtiness of etsyland to the surface. I love that…and I know many many others love it as well…. but just remember everyone is just a little bit discombobulated about the shift. I’ve been selling online, primarily on Etsy, for the last 5 years. I know I’m going through a breakup ( painful, bitter and heartbreaking) … My income is basically nonexistent at this point…… But like all real breakups, you know it’s bad, you know the end is near…but you still have that last glimmer of hope, that mirage, that there will be a miracle and everything will work out.

    Your petition is going to work…just give it a little time.
    I used to send all of my friends and family to etsy… I send them to your blog.

    Please don’t give up…..what you are doing is very important, now more than ever.

    Your uncensored words and articles are shining the light directly on why we all, in our own way, have to breakup with etsy…….. just give a little time for each of us to publicly declare ourselves. Xo


      • Typically a douchebag refers to a man. Strike 1, I am a woman. Strike 2, what is a piece of shit other than what every person on the planet creates on a daily basis. You’ve got to be more creative with your insults to make the world famous blog lol.


  2. Whatever just happened-KEEP IT GOING! I just saw that the petition now has 72 signatures! PLEASE don’t give up on this blog!


  3. And for all of us REAL artists, artisans & vintage sellers-GO SIGN THE PETITION RIGHT NOW! The more that sign the more likely we are to be heard!


  4. Change doesn’t happen with “hope” alone. If you want the resellers off of Etsy you MUST speak out & take action!


  5. Easy, now, Grace. You’ve done a LOT but just be a little bit more patient. You started the petition on a weekend, when most people are away from stuff like this and so far you got 76 signatures in a few days, which in my book is a huge success. I’m thinking about checking Etsy forums and contacting some of the concerned sellers via convos alerting them about the petition. I’m sure that you’ll have more than 100 signatures before the end of the week. The fact that Etsy has asked Grace&Lace to leave is another huge victory, I think. Thanks again for all your work and effort and hang in there.:)


  6. I’m confused…from what I read about GraceandLace they have not been asked to leave Etsy-they just stated that they may EXPAND to Amazon. If I missed something, please provide the info. Thanks!


    • Barbara says it in the video and defends GraceandLace. But, yeah, it did sound like a commercial for Amazon’s new handmade. If that is the case, I’ll forget about Amazon as another basket for my eggs.


      • Thank you for posting up the link.
        I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that one.
        I would say there’s going to be a lot of very disappointed people out there who had hoped….


      • Ok…..if Grace & Lace would move to amazon….they would hit a HUGE snag.

        UPC codes.

        If you have a handmade item……to list it on AMAZON you need to have a UPC code. It’s not a big deal you can buy them online, you write the description and product info and assign it one of your UPC codes. Then you can list the item. Every single item on amazon has to have a UPC code.

        Ok…….but here’s where it gets interesting…… Once an item has been issued a UPC code it is illegal to change that code. The UPC codes for the made in China resale crapola has already been assigned a UPC code. That has to stay and it’s the ONLY way to list an item.

        As you know when you shop on amazon…you see the “featured listing” and then to the right you see the same product sold by different sellers.

        So the grace and lace Aztec tan leg-Warmers will show a price of $29.99 ( or whatever) ….BUT then there will be a list of sellers on the right side WITH the exact same product with the exact same UPC code that will show” buy from XYZ company for $1.99 and free shipping. ” or FIGInow for .99 cents and 1.99 shipping.

        So…….ya….Grace & Lace on amazon….probably not going to happen.

        Changing an items UPC code….. Is a federal crime. I know they have fooled a lot of people for a very long time…..but messing around with federal rules, regulations and laws….probably not the best choice.

        So they can’t change the UPC code…… They will be listed along with every other Chinese reseller that ships that exact same product….clearly showing the world their ‘handmade’ is bullshit.


  7. To any of you who have Facebook, Twitter or ???, please spread this petition far & wide. To those of you who are activists & do not fear the Etsy police, post the petition in a thread there as well! (I can’t-I am permanently banned from the forums!) Make a difference!


    • You can open a new account with a different email address and keep on posting while they let you. I’ve been muted for posting a link to this blog too but I’m opening another account.


  8. Grace!!! Don’t get discouraged. I’ve been following your blog wholeheartedly and just saw the petition today. I’ve signed and am spreading the word too. I posted the link on the “while she naps” blog.
    The low numbers are either due to the weekend or people too scared of the Etsy POLICE !
    It is very encouraging that GraceAndLace have been asked to leave,( which TBN copy) but hey….how long do they get and really?? They were ASKED? WTF?
    Remember that you have done so much good and rallied so many people. Hang in there girl!!!! xoxo ( sorry, couldn’t resist :))


  9. Yep. I made the mistake of reading articles rather than watching the video. It most certainly was said that Grace&Lace “has been asked to leave Etsy.” ASKED? ! Why in the hell is the reseller not immediately SHUT DOWN??? And TBN? I, once yet again, just reported both of these shops to Etsy. Might be the perfect time for all of you to do so too! A mass-bombardment of reporting is in order!


    No more doublespeak, no more “redefining.” It is far past time that you fess up, admit what we ALL know & DO SOMETHING about it! And no, I do not mean have another Q & A where you ignore the real questions & complaints & attempt to divert with your saving-the-world-recycle-happy-horseshit-granola-speak. Even YOU, Etsy, have to realize that the latest Q & A was a complete disaster. Baffling with bullshit no longer pacifies. Your “peasants” are pissed off & finally starting to rise up & speak truth to power.
    A.) Stop hiding behind “Handmade.” Many of your top-selling shops are RESELLERS. You can’t pretend not to see any longer. You profit immensely from these shops.
    B.) If you now ALLOW resellers-even though this violates your own policies-then stop denying this. Just be “Transparent” & tell us that this is Etsy’s plan/direction.
    C.) If Etsy is now Ebay Jr.-then tell the truth; change your rules. Let us know if “Anything Goes” is the new Etsy reality.
    D.) If you wish to be a site for HANDMADE-then clean house! You are rapidly ruining any credibility you once had & chasing away buyers & sellers.
    Please, anyone, add on to this!


    • And climbing. I believe Take-off has been achieved. I know it was shared by at least 6 people yesterday and a couple more the day before that.


  11. Signed & sharing daily, though. I do not use my Etsy name for fear of even fewer sales. I, and many others I know, appreciate every light into every dark corner you are exposing. Will continue to share on fb and in emails daily in hopes we can be heard.


  12. Oldie but goodie : In Etsy’s first-quarter earnings call on May 19, CEO Chad Dickerson frowned upon the use of the word “counterfeit,” saying that “people can’t even agree on the definition of that term,” but he did promise that the company uses “technology to prevent bad actors from returning to our marketplace.” Dickerson declined to give any more detail, citing security reasons, but he noted, “We’re often accused of being too aggressive and taking down material posted by sellers.”
    Yeah, the honest sellers that sell real handmade stuff, that is… (my quote).


  13. The Fear. Is there that much of a fear out there? People are afraid to sign, people are afraid to voice their opinions on other domains outside of Etsy in case their shops shut down?
    I posted your link yesterday (my Monday morning here in Aussie land) to the petition on a facebook group – Handmade at Amazon Pioneers. This is not a private group, there is no vetting and someone has confirmed that there are a few Etsy admins on ‘patrol’. (It was suspected on earlier posts to this group).
    I figured that within hours, this petition was going to be on the public domain anyway and all would have access. So I shared the link.

    It raises the question tho, with the words paranoia and fear being mentioned, what the hell is going on?


    • My post on this group:
      Not surprised at the lurking of Admins. To be fully expected. This is not a private group.
      I can also understand that Companies have a right not to expect their patronage to bag them publicly within their own domains or have ‘their’ competition promoted within that domain also. Although, in saying that, as a customer, there should always be an open door policy to question methods, policies and any other matter of concern.
      But this area is not their domain., nor are the blogs, the news sites and numerous other places where people may make their opinions / feelings or whatever known.
      If there’s a fear that outside that ‘home’ area, that ‘the hunt is on’, it raises other questions.

      Witch hunt anyone? Far out.
      I wanted to work on my own online shop today, but ended up knee deep in a wayward dishwasher.


  14. Sent the petition to E Commerce Bytes along with a brief comment. We’ll see if Ina does anything with it! Cross your fingers.


  15. Of course Etsy admin are lurking about…would you expect less from such a creepy, sneaky corporate entity??!!


  16. Just got this e mail from Handmade At Amazon…
    Thank you for your interest in Handmade at Amazon

    Wow – what a week! We are thrilled to see so much interest in our new shopping experience! You all are talking, and we are listening.

    We’ve spent the past week pouring through YouTube videos, online discussion forums, and reviewing your early feedback. It’s clear that many of you are curious and just as excited as we are about the unveiling of Handmade.

    We promise to share more information with you soon, and when we’re ready to accept applications, you’ll be among the first to know!

    In the meantime, we thought we’d tell you a little about the fellow Artisans you might see in the marketplace.

    Artisans from 6 of the 7 continents expressed interest in Handmade. Know anyone in Antarctica?
    We had interested Artisans from across the globe, from Malta to Trinidad and Tobago, Lithuania to Egypt – and dozens more!
    We heard from Artisans from all 50 states in America.

    As we mentioned in our initial message – feel free to forward the sign up form to Artisans you admire who may also be interested in Handmade at Amazon.


  17. Yes. That is a definite concern. Will Amazon redefine “handmade” also? Of course, Amazon already has the massive platform for selling factory stuff; maybe they really will keep it handmade.


  18. HA! I just saw in the Etsy forum thread “Marlen’s” comments & The Chatsworth Lady! Beautiful! Thanks for popping in there for those of us who have been silenced.


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