Ok Readers, it’s time to DO something! Sign the petition…


If we can all get FIVE signatures (the number of stars on China’s flag), we can make a huge difference…post, re-post, re-re-post!!

PicMonkey CollageXYZ*thank you to Etsy store “CREEPYSTUFF” for the illustration


33 thoughts on “Ok Readers, it’s time to DO something! Sign the petition…

  1. Sign people! Get your friends to sign! Get your family to sign! Those of you on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, promote this like crazy! Let’s make Etsy HEAR US!! REAL HANDMADE ARTISTS, ARTISANS & VINTAGE SELLERS UNITE!

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    • I’ve done that already, with links to the website and their photos, bill of lading, etc. I haven’t heard anything yet. I guess the FTC waits to see if anyone else is going to complain???
      BTW, I’ve finally been permanently muted from Etsy forums so I gotta open another account to start posting the link to the petition as well.


      • Might take a while, If it’s like my recent experience in dealing with Australian Govt agencies, they’re slow and in some things fobb you off entirely.
        Still, it’s worth a go for sure and the more complaints, the quicker the ears prick up and someone remembers a similar story….


    • I believe it is time we report Etsy’s fraudulent business practices to the FTC. By allowing these reseller shops to thrive by lying & claiming they “hand make” their own items, Etsy is profiting off of deception. They cannot claim they had no awareness of this because so many of us have reported some of these shops, even offering up undeniable evidence, only to be ignored. Further, Etsy CAN police this if they want! They make a shitload of $$$ off of these reseller shops-they willingly turn a blind eye. Etsy has lost all credibility & devastated our incomes. Stop just whining & let’s act! See the link above to report. Writing mine up right now.


  2. Let me start by addressing Etsy’s recent self report where they noted that 90 something percent of their employees are really happy. Of course they are happy. No other company save Starbucks would ever hire them. Etsy is where hipsters go to sell out without irony. Secondly no company in the world’s history has ever had such a huge percentage of happy people. If I owned a company where employee’s sole duties were to play foosball while eating Valium popsicles people would still bitch. Etsy even lies about how happy their people are.
    Etsy has become the ministry of double speak. The only people allowed in the forums these days are people that host tea parties for house cats.

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  3. Signed and shared. Who knows it if will make a difference, but it might give the Directors something to think about if nothing else.


  4. Post about Etsy being transparent & addressing resellers. Had a link to the petition. Of course, admin police shut it down & deleted the post. And used the usual “do not disparage a country”…blah, blah, blah. THE POINT IS NOT THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN-IT IS THE SHOPS THAT VIOLATE ETSY’S OWN POLICIES-selectively enforced, of course, the shops that buy in bulk from factories (in ANY country) & lie & claim they handmade these items. This is fraud.

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  5. This is what happens when someone questions Etsy-took only 7 minutes for them to shut this down!


    This topic has been closed.
    Request for TRANSPARENCY
    Marlen Adams avatar
    Marlen Adams 11:25 am May 30, 2015 EDT
    I’m not surprised by the fact that my request for transparency was shut down. But it saddens me that my suggestions, which were honest and fair, and not aimed at just one shop and not aimed at just one store, and were offered in good faith to the readers…were deemed unacceptable for discussion on a site I am a paying member of.

    What IS acceptable then? I’d really like to know. My post said I’ve never added anything to the forums because of the quick removal of content by one of Etsy’s (very happy, thank you for that metric) employees.

    And sure enough, I was muted this morning. But by doing that, Etsy bred even more distrust for itself. Instead of just leaving an honest and fair discussion up…ZAP…it’s gone. I feel totally disrespected and ignored.

    The guidelines state “we all deserve respect. Period.” I guess that doesn’t apply when you don’t agree with a situation that Etsy wants to side step, but knows full well that it’s real and it needs a real solution. Just mute the dissenter. Wow, how mature.

    I feel like I, a 40 year old man, have been sent to my room for misbehaving. All I asked for was transparency. And I did it respectfully. I’m baffled. Truly baffled.

    This will probably extend my time-out…
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    carmen from MountainLakeJewelry 11:29 am May 30, 2015 EDT
    I didn’t see any previous post so I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Vintage Packrat avatar
    Vintage Packrat from VintagePackRat 11:30 am May 30, 2015 EDT
    I was enjoying reading your post, and the discussion that followed.
    You write great,
    Two things on structure, though, not cool to nail something to a specific area, country,
    and if you talk about moderation, sure way to get another closed, and that is pretty common in any forum, a general rule of thumb.
    Hopefully, you can get the structure squared away, that will work for a post, and continue on, enjoyed your writing.
    Regina avatar Admin
    Regina 11:32 am May 30, 2015 EDT
    We respect privacy on the Forums and for that reason, we don’t discuss moderator actions or decisions publicly, or with anyone other than the member involved.

    If you’d like to get in touch with the Forums team, email community@etsy.com and you’ll receive a reply very soon. Thanks!


    • Yep – I wrote that forum thread under the shop of a friend of mine who doesn’t have an active store. I didn’t want to jeopardize my store closing before I can off-load everything. The thread before that, where I asked Etsy to add a third “category” for overseas resellers and just fess up about their existence was left up a bit longer because I posted it at around 2:00 am.


  6. Chad Dickerson has a profile on Etsy. I’m going to send him a link and see if he wan’t to sign the petition.


  7. CNN video: Viral Etsy biz Grace & Lace mulls moving to Amazon
    “She’s being asked to leave Etsy because they don’t believe she creates all the designs herself, which she is, so maybe she needs a new platform.” “In three years I went from making these out of my home to now making hundreds of thousands of these boots, socks and clothing items, so we had to go into mass production in order to meet the demand but as long as I can keep on designing and creating these items (that she buys from China), the horizon has not limit.”
    Wow, I can’t believe this is happening! I hope TBN goes next… I wonder if they’ll pass Amazon’s scrutiny, which is 100% harder than Etsy’s.


  8. As a follow-up about Grace & Lace, here is one of the products she sells on her shop (designed by herself, LOL):
    Nellie Knit – LIGHT GREY – open weave button down leg warmer – legwarmers – button leg warmers – boot socks – Grace and Lace
    $36.50 USD

    Handmade item
    Color: LIGHT GREY
    Materials: knit lace, open weave, yarn, buttons
    Feedback: 9851 reviews
    Ships worldwide from Austin, Texas

    And here is who she sources it from and the price she pays: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Nellie-Knit-Mid-Grey-open-weave_997344200.html
    Nellie Knit – Mid Grey – open weave button down leg warmer – legwarmers – button leg warmers – boot socks – boot warme (Mary-24)
    FOB Price:
    US $ 2 – 3 / Piece | Get Latest Price
    Min.Order Quantity:
    200 Pair/Pairs
    Port: shanghai
    I do hope it’s true that Etsy is asking her to leave.


  9. Actually, I was just looking on craftcount.com and the top “handmade” seller according to that site is ThinkPinkBows, and all of their items come straight from AliBaba as well. Same for the 10th on the list, PoshPeanut. TBN comes in 8th place. If you find an item on TBN or Grace&Lace and you do a search for the same item on Etsy, you’ll find lots of the same or, if you pick an item from these top sellers on Etsy and then search for the same thing on Ebay, you’ll find the exact same thing. I think Etsy is in too deep. I don’t think they’ll be able to reverse or control this trend, no matter how many Civil Action Lawsuits or petitions they get hit with. I guess the only authentic big sellers there are the vintage sellers because it’s hard to fake vintage, however, even the top vintage sellers don’t even come close to the “handmade” or supply sellers.


  10. There are some of us REAL HANDMADE sellers still around, languishing on Etsy. By the way, the resellers have invaded vintage as well. “Vintage” is far too often now just a tag, a lie to dupe the gullible.


  11. I seen this shit coming a year ago!!! My shop is MORETHANPENS and I noticed a cell phone case site on etsy and they said it was handmade I don’t recall the name of the shop? But any way they had only been selling on etsy for about a month and they had over 100 sales so I thought wow people must really love this persons work and cell phone covers made from wood? Well about 3 months later I looked it up to see if they were making any other wooden items (because that’s what I make wooden items) well I was shocked to see they had over 5000 more sales!!! I was pissed and felt like etsy had sold me and folks like me out !!!! So I emailed them 4 times demanding to know why they had allowed this shit it took 2 more emails to get an answer and the answer was it is made by hand. BULLSHIT I TOLD THEM AND TO THIS DAY THEY WONT GIVE ME THE TRUTH! They have lied to us betrayed our trust ! But god forbid you get a complaint from a buyer and etsy demands answers like yesterday!!! I have a great reputation with my clients I get orders from them all the time now because they will come to craft shows I am at and or email me . etsy tried to tell me that I couldn’t sell a item on etsy and them have the same buyer contact me off etsy to make a custom request!!! I told etsy as long as I don’t use your site to talk to any one I can sell where when and to anyone I want!!! All I can say is almost 4 years of selling on etsy all my sales were reported to them so they could collect from me but I can tell you this etsy didn’t consider me a friendly seller I am not liked much at all by those folks!! But that’s only because I tell them like it is but they break the rules when ever they want period!!!!!!!

    Yours truly
    Thomas Blevins


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