The point is, why even lie about it? Oh wait…the point is PROFIT…not the truth

AlexaGillAlexa Jean Gill – age 23.  Model Mayhem portfolio picture


Alicia Shaffer – age 38.  Runs ThreeBirdNest and “loves naps”


Some random model chosen in 30 seconds off the internet, who looks more like Alexa Gill than her “sister” Alicia Shaffer

So the point is – why even lie about it?  Why tell one lie, which multiplies into two…four…eight…thirty….and eventually hundreds of lies.  Why say someone is your sister, when there is 15 years difference in your ages (which again is possible, but the odds are starting to stack against the truth in a statement like that), and when some random model chosen off the internet in 30 seconds bears a more striking resemblance to Alexa Gill than her (supposed) sister Alicia?

And why say you are “hand-making” your items, when it’s pretty obvious you aren’t?  An infuriated customer of ThreeBirdNest sent me the following picture of her “hand-made” head wrap.  By the way, it’s the same head wrap worn in the first picture of this blog, and has this description:

Gypsy Headband, Cute Hair Bands, Women’s Boho, Mint Crystal Leaf Headband, Fashion Headbands (HB-121)

Ask a Question
$28.99 USD

Handmade item
Materials: seed beads, chiffon
Feedback: 13261 reviews
Ships worldwide from Livermore, California
This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards


Note the emphasis on “handmade item” in the description above.  And then read the (not-so-fine) print on the item’s tag (below) describing the item as “made in India”.  India.  Yep.  India.  And speaking of the item’s tag, just who is “Noi Fashion Leaders” anyway? Glad you asked…because thanks to the power of the internet, it’s easy to google that name, and guess what pops up!  “INDIA’S MOST POPULAR FASHION DESTINATION”.  India.  Yep.  India.  To be fair, at least India has given us the peace of mind that our “hand-made” head wrap is LEAD COMPLIANT.  Wait…what…LEAD??  It never entered any of our minds that a hand-made-in-the-USA fabric and sequin head wrap would have anything to do with LEAD.  Now we’ve got yet another thing to stew about.  A $29 cheap piece of fabric sewn in India that is lead-compliant and can be delivered to our door for $7 – after about a month of waiting for it.

So it’s not made in the USA.  And now it’s not made in China.  It’s made in India.  Got it.

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place.  Gone is Alibaba (for now) and gone is China (for now).  I guess THAT was the “factory move” we’ve all been wondering about the existence of.  Looking back, it makes sense that the orders were delayed by weeks and weeks…for goodness sakes, they had to pick up an entire factory and move it from China to India…that’s a lot of work.  Trekking all those goods and people and machinery and sequins 3,000 MILES down the street to a new country.  Setting up a whole new set of labels and threading all those sewing machines and knitting needles and printing cute little “lead compliant” labels so we wouldn’t be worried about what we wore on our heads.

EtsyHandmade1 EtsyHandmade2

Come on Etsy.  SHUT THIS FRAUDULENT SHOP DOWN!!!   You created this rat’s nest when you pretended not to know what was going to happen by allowing “partners” back in 2013…now pick up the droppings and restore a little bit of sanity to your once reputable site.  You’ve got way bigger problems than lead compliant head wraps, and it only takes a click of a button to pull the power plug on this hot mess.  The longer you wait, the more complicit you appear.  It’s not like you can bury your head in the sand (which is just as plentiful in India as it is in China) and pretend you didn’t know.


38 thoughts on “The point is, why even lie about it? Oh wait…the point is PROFIT…not the truth

  1. Good on you for doing the research for these pieces. You have me coming back every couple days to find out more about this deception.
    I have an Etsy shop where I sell hand knit scarves. I did not expect to be competing with mass manufacturers on the Etsy venue. My bad!


  2. There have been so many lies that the lies are constantly updated & revised. Lies wrapped in deception adorned with a factory bohemian headband marked up 200%. In previous articles/interviews she IS her sister, she is NOT her sister, TBN “hired a professional model”…I just assume at this point that anything she says is a lie concocted to further her profits. Hey people-why in the world would you buy from this shop? Look online & you can find the same crap for pennies on the dollar.


  3. Today’s update: Since 9:00 am today TBN has had ZERO sales. (It is now 2:30pm.) Also, still no new reviews since 5/15. Hmmmm…let’s start digging deeper.


      • I hope that is a sign that it will be shut down…

        BTW, has anyone else filed a complaint with the FTC or am I the only one? I think that if you added these photos to a complaint with the FTC it would help them.


      • 2 sales all day long (as of 6:30) & only 1 new review since 5/15…but it is a doozie!
        Turban Headband Women’s Jersey Turband Twist Hair Band Headband Head Wrap with Twisted Center for Women and Girls in Black (HB-156)

        ONE WORD: Garbage. I ordered 3 separate headbands in different colors- one didn’t ship/never arrived even though I was told it did. I currently have a case open and being reviewed by Etsy (the only way I could get a response from the owner).

        The headband I did receive is “hand-made” in China and I could have bought the same cheap wrap for a few bucks on eBay. And it probably wouldn’t have taken months to get here.

        DO NOT waste your money. I’m shocked that this store is even still allowed to operate.


  4. Wall Street Journal today: Etsy’s First Earnings Report Sends Shares Way Down
    … Shares are changing hands at $17.87 after hours. At that price the stock is still up more than 10% from its IPO price, but is now down more than 42% from where it opened on its first day.
    … The number of active sellers appears to have stagnated in the first quarter…
    … The company has incurred net losses in the past three years, even as revenue has increased sharply.


    • Interesting, if you scroll down that WSJ page, you’ll see that Etsy’s net revenue has gone from slightly positive in March 2014 to a consistent loss, culminating in almost -7M by December 2014, with December being the month with highest losses. Crazy, to think that December is the month most commerce achieve the highest sales of the year…


  5. We all need to face the fact that Etsy is NEVER going to go back to the “good old days.” They welcomed the resellers & scam shops in with open arms. They provide a huge amount of cash for Etsy. Chad is a business creep-not an artist. It can only decay further.


  6. So sad that there are many more shops getting away with this. I see them everywhere I look. On the other hand there is one person with 6 (maybe more) Etsy shops that sells and sells, but seldom delivers. I’ve reported her several times but a year later she’s still selling and committing fraud.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get rid of the scum resellers and get all of the truly honest sellers back? Unlikely.


  7. Did you see the latest feedback? 5 stars…
    Here it is:
    “Super Excited today! I had faith in a shop that has been around and worked their way up in Etsy! My Cuff bracelet arrived today in perfect timing! I LOVE it so much! I am praying for your shop, I believe that the tough spot with the move in combination with a lot of jealousy of not so successful shops have added to the burden at Three Bird Nest! As a shop owner myself, I can say, this too shall pass, and wish you much further success ~ You’ve been an inspiration to me hanging on and keeping my shop going! Thank You a Billion! And I am going to enjoy my Piece of Three Bird Nest in this Lovely Cuff! Will definitely shop here again! Lot’s of Love! Stephani xoxo ”

    What a joke!


  8. Think she’s trying to battle the countless 1 stars with some fake reviews. She better hurry to try to bury all those pages one stars & scathing reviews!


  9. Here’s the thing: those of us with some scruples are not remotely “jealous” of her. I would not even give her an instant of thought IF she was selling this junk elsewhere & being HONEST about its production. But the huge issue, obviously, is that she sells mass-produced crap, cuts out country of manufacture labels & claims to make this stuff herself…on a site (Etsy) where this IS A BLATANT VIOLATION of their so-called rules. Etsy’s extreme double-standards for their “money makers” has created this factory knitted monster!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the “copyright” warning…


      © 2012-2013 Three Bird Nest
      All materials, content, designs, patterns, fabric patterns, and forms contained within three bird nest listings, products, and materials are the intellectual property of three bird nest and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without three bird nests’ express written permission.


  10. Did you see the “Quantity” on her menu? Some listings have 1000 in there! How is that HANDMADE?
    How stupid do they think we are?


  11. Etsy does not care that she does this. They love the $$$$$ They will only shut her down if they get into legal trouble.


  12. The buzz on the Etsy forums tonight is that Amazon is going to start selling HANDMADE ! Let me go get the link…


      • Hopefully being in the forums will get your blog more exposure & many of the infuriated/disgusted Etsy sellers will come here & comment. But, yes, be prepared for the worst from the Etsy police.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m in love with this! You have no idea how much better my day is having spent it reading your blog. All of this. I stumbled onto you from an Etsy forum (surprised mods didn’t remove it yet) because my sales have tanked with all of the wholesale BS being sold. What’s worse is the little guys ripping off other little guys. You know, the ones that aren’t clever enough to come up with their own designs so they search, find yours, recreate and then offer for less. Yay!!! Anyways, good on you for calling out TBN. I bought some scarves from them a few years back and after a horrible experience, I went straight to Etsy. Never heard a peep. Sent them all the proof in the world that there items weren’t handmade and they didn’t care. The brief “freeze” seems to be lifted, I noticed they are back in full swing again. I’ll be following along.


  14. The picture of the “mint green” headband doesn’t show up on her shop review anymore !! Only on the one you featured here from Amy. How in the world is this possible??? It shows on the other reviews of it. She is still selling…um …reselling it.


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